About company

The company «Vinagro» LLC was legally registered in March, 2006 and one of its subdivisions became «Goygol Wine Plant» that is winemaking industrial combining primary and secondary production sectors.
Now «Goygol Wine Plant» has 525 hectares of the vineyards transplanted in 2006-2008 where grow native and European high-quality selection variety of grapes. Transplants of European grapes grafted on phylloxera steady stocks SO4 and 5ВВ, were received from the leading company of France «GONTARD FRERESPEPINIERES VITICOLES» and Italian «VIVAI MARCYI». At the present time the red grapes are raising on vineyards belonging the factory: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sira, Pino-Naur, Prima, Saperavi, Mattress, Shirvanshahi; white grapes: Chaurdenе, Sauvignon, Rkasiteli, Uni-Blan, Grenash white, the Bayan-Shirey, Sultani. It is going to extend the areas under vineyards up to 1500 hectares in the nearest future.
During Soviet economy system «Khanlar Agroindustry» (the name of that period) was focused on wine — cognac production and its realization on All Union. Volume ratio of cognac produced by this factory made about 7% All-Union.
In 1985 after the distraction in the period of prohibition present «Goygol Wine Plant» survived and revised. Nowadays it presents the modern industrial enterprise basing on the newest equipment and classic technologies. Industrial premises, the basic and non-productive departments are completely reconstructed and reconditioned. All equipment stock and technological lines are replaced. Now industrial structure of the factory is comprised of following:
Shop of grapes acceptance and primary wine processing
Shop of secondary processing wine
Shop of wine and cognac pouring
Shop of preparation and pouring of vodka
Shop of distillation cognac spirit
Shop of maturation cognac spirit and preparation of cognac
Shop of collection Champaign preparation under a classical technology
Shop — solarium for maderizing wine base under the sun.
Shop for special orders
Shop for preparation of paper-board container
Shop of glass containers
Warehouse for readymade products
Alcohol cellar
Nonproductive shops and sites function:
Laboratory techno chemical and biochemical monitoring
Two boiler-rooms
Machine shop
Cooper’s workshop
Air — compressor and cooling-compressor sites.
Building shop
Motor-vehicle pool
A new plant with non-waste manufacturing on processing of rectified spirit with a daily production of 3000 decalitre with all necessary process shops is being under installation and construction now. This structure will include distillery drier house for processing fodder concentrate and shop of processing liquid carbon dioxide.