An old German proverb says – «Zandes Zand ist dem Mensen ein fatere and» ( «Any country is a mankind homeland»), we wouldn’t like to argue, but we have picked it out as hope for the best, as a consolation by leaving their native land, those who left it forever. Who knows maybe it was a consolation for Wuttembergs leaving their land in searches of the best share and new homeland. Azerbaijan became their new homeland. There was allocated an area in Elizabethpol province, in ancient Ganja, on the native land of great philosopher and poet Nizami Ganjavi.
In 1819 in the ruins of the ancient settlement – village Hanlyglar Württemberg established the first German colony in Azerbaijan – Elenendorf (further Khanlar city, at present Goygol city) that was located in 7 ml from Ganja (at that time Elizabethpol).
In economic life of Elenendorf vineyards began to play an important role from the beginning. Colonists began to spread local grapes on the high banks of the river Gandzhinka. Gradually winegrowing and winemaking became leading sectors in the economic life of Swabian Germans. In cellars of each German family there were wine warehouses with drums made of the local oak.
1860 became a boundary mark launched the subsequent development of large-scale winemaking industry in Azerbaijan, which was founded by German entrepreneurs from Elenendorf Christopher Forrer and Christian Hummel. This is the starting date of the work of the current Goygol Wine Plant. In 1862 there was established «Brothers Forrer» Joint-Stock company that was directed by sons Ch. Forrer – Gottlob, Friedrich Heinrich and Christofor. At the same time there was established «Trade house of Brothers Hummel» joint-stock company that was directed by Ch. Hummel sons – Jacob, Albert, George and Gottlieb. Board of the both families was located in Elenendorf, offices and representation were in Ganja, Tbilisi, Baku, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Tomsk, Batumi.
On August 8, 1922 there was established cooperative «Concordia» in base of wine factory that became the largest producer of wine, cognac and vodka in Transcaucasus. For example during 1924-1925 branches of cooperative «Concordia» registered 1350397 buckets of wine.
During Soviet years the enterprise was called «Khanlar Agroindustry» which was the biggest winemaking manufacture in Azerbaijan. In terms of volume of matured cognac spirit the combine took the third place in the Soviet Union. By 1985 one-time capacity of oak barrel for Cognac endurance made 1,000,000 deciliter, the enameled tanks 1 200 000 deciliter, without considering reinforced and not enameled capacities.
The balance of combine included 1,500 hectares fructiferous vineyards with average productivity 286 ha. Gross output for 1984 made 84 017 000 Soviet rubles.
That is a worthy history of our factory.
In the conclusion we suggest you to have a look at photo archive that perfectly reveals the history of the present «Goygol Wine Plant».