«Goygol Wine Plant» OJSC participated in the International Exhibition «Beverages Industry 2010/ Russian Wine Fair» , On November 18-20, 2010 in Moscow, which was organized by the exhibition company «Asti Group» in «Krokus» exhibition centre. Nearly 90 companies were participated at this exhibition from the CIF and Europe countries. This exhibition convened many professionals on alcoholic beverages industry sphere. In the frame of this exhibition were passed degustation contests and conferences devoted to the problems of the Beverages Industry. Exposition of the «Goygol Wine Plant» OJSC which was present 13 kinds of the wine, vodka and cognac was draw great interest of the professionals and visitors of the exhibition. The specially interest of the members and visitors was draw table wines «Xan Madrasa» and «Xan Agsu», strong wine «Xan Madera» and cahors wine «Xan Kurdamir». By decision of the organization committee «Goygol Wine Plant» OJSC was issued by the Diploma of the First Category and Gold Medal for the half sweet wine «Xan Agsu». In frame of the exhibition were passed many business appointments and negotiations for the export high quality wines from Azerbaijan to the Russian market.

On April 2 2010 in Concert and entertaining center «Buta Palace» there was passed solemn presentation awards «Caspian Energy Integration Award 2010» and «Brand Award Azerbaijan 2009“, established“ Caspian-European Business Club» together with «Caspian international Media Group». At this ceremony, OSJC «Goygol Wine Plant» was awarded by the title – «the Best brand of 2009» Vodka «Xan».

On May 25, in Moscow at legendary restaurant «YAR» there has passed solemn ceremony of rewarding and a Gala-supper in honour of medallists of the International Competition «the Best vodka 2010». Traditionally, the ceremony brought together experts from leading companies — manufacturers of Russian and foreign vodka brands.
Salutatory word and congratulations to medalists of the Ceremony was opened by the chairman of the tasting commission of Competition, the academician of the Russian Academy of agricultural sciences, a Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor, the director of the All-Russia scientific research institute of food biotechnology — Poles Victor Antonovich.
JSC «Goygol Wine Plant» presented at the contest, three samples of their vodka under the brand name «Khan».
Following the results of professional tasting, medalists of so high Competition «the Best vodka 2010/Best Vodka 2010» in the first time in story of manufacture of vodka in Azerbaijan, vodka «Khan» have won the complete set of medals.
«Xan Premium» – Gold
«Xan“ Exsport» – Silver.
«Xan VIP» – Bronze.
By the developed tradition, Medallists of Competition «the Best vodka 2010» will be presented in the Russian Museum of History of the Vodka, located under the arches of a unique istoriko-architectural complex – the Izmajlovsky Kremlin till the following competition.

On February 8-12, in Moscow there has passed an exhibition «Prodekspo 2010» — one of the largest international exhibitions of the food industry of Eurasia. Held within the frames of this exhibition, specialized wine tasting competition, «Goygol Wine Plant» has presented 10 kinds of wine under a brand «Khan» and mark «Bouquet of Caucasus». Six of them, have been awarded medals. Wines «Caberne-Sovinon» and «Khagor» have been awarded gold, «Shiraz» and «Shardone» — silver, «Matrasa» and «Madera» — bronze medals. Except this, wines «Uni-blank», «Saperavi», «Merlo» and «Chinar» have been awarded by «Honorary Diplomas» competition. It is necessary to notice that, this tasting was conducted «anonymous» and members of high jury evaluated samples, not knowing names, and the manufacturer, that has allowed avoiding subjective effects on result of competition.

On October 6-9, 2009 «Goygol Wine Plant» OJSC participated in the International Agriculture, Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition «Caspian Agro-2009» being held in the Heydar Aliyev Sport-Concert Complex. Together with Azerbaijan, more than 80 companies, particularly from USA, Germany, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Syria and Turkey attended the exhibition. Leading companies of Azerbaijan were widely presented. Ilham Aliyev, president of Azerbaijan Republic took part at the exhibition. Here he was interested in exposition and products of «Goygol Wine Plant» which are produced under the brand «XAN»

On March 4, 2008 President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev participated at the symbolical opening ceremony of «Goygol Wine Plant». The president got acquainted with the history of factory that has been started since XIX century, visited the restored shops for the period 2007-2008 and production divisions, and realized symbolized pouring of vodka. His interest was drawn by working wine-cellars that are historical value if the first German settlers in Azerbaijan Republic in the middle of 1800.

«Goygol Wine Plant» OJSC participated at the International World Exhibition «Wine For Asia» on October 16-18, 2008 in Singapore, in trade exhibition complex «Suntec». Factory wine, champagne and Vodka were presented at the exhibition. Professional winegrowers and experts of beverage positive appreciated the samples of wine and collection champagne presented at the exhibition. Our vodka produced under «Xan» brand got a special popularity at the exhibition. The design of our booth was highly appreciated. It is important to note that Azerbaijan participated in this World Exhibition for the first time, about 264 manufactures of alcoholic products from all over the countries presented here.

«Goygol Wine Plant» OJSC was presented at the National Exhibition «Azerbaijan 2008» held on September 2-6 at the Heydar Aliyev Sport-Concert Complex where were participated 130 leading organizations, companies, progressive enterprises and private sector companies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. New achievements in all activity branches of various industrial sectors for the period 2003-2008 were presented at the exhibition. The president of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev took part at the exhibition.

In March-April, 2008 «Goygol Wine Plant» was awarded 3 medals in Brussels (Switzerland) in closed traditional Contest – Tasting «United Vodka». Cognac «Khan» Extra got a gold medal, Vodka «Khan» Premium – a silver medal and «Khan» Export –a bronze medal. During 2007-2008 the activity of «Goygol Wine Plant» was awarded prize «for quality» of New Millennium award by International «Trade Leaders Club» annually.

«Goygol Wine Plant» OJSC was issued with a certificate for the «Gold Medal For Quality» in III International Assembly, held in «International center of Conjuncture Research» at the President Hotel, in Moscow, on March 26, 2006. There was signed «Universal Declaration of Quality» in Assembly.